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ImageIn his 38-year career, Michael has worked as a Programmer, Systems Analyst,  Project Manager and Consultant in a number of business sectors. As a consultant, his earlier specialisations were in the fields of project management and the risk and ethical implications of technology, particularly with regard to safety-critical and safety-related systems design in software-intensive systems.

In recent years, he has concentrated more upon the transfer of knowledge and wisdom in an organisational context, particularly with regard to good management practice. This work on experiential learning has led to the focus of his current consulting activity being the use of systems thinking techniques to perform ‘forensic’ analysis of major project failure and the ways in which lessons can be derived and corrective process improvement implemented.

In addition to his consultancy practice, he is at present undertaking research in conjunction with the University of Manchester on the way in which organisations may acquire, share and maintain experientially-gained ‘knowledge’, with special regard to areas that are termed ‘tacit’ – craft, skill and wisdom.