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Galatea develops and produces training materials on behalf of large multi-national training providers. Such providers typically offer a wide range of training courses, but increasingly find that these courses are difficult to keep up-to-date, particularly when they are based on fast changing technical subjects. The cost of updating course materials can be significant, but worse, the production and management of such material can be a headache. Galatea can provide a cost-effective answer to this type of problem. We can produce and maintain your entire portfolio of training materials, using input from our extensive technical resources to ensure that the information is relevant, accurate, and up-to-date. By providing a program of ongoing review and update, we can reduce or eliminate the need for large periodic investments in course material re-writes.

We can take care of the entire lifecycle of training materials, including:

•    Syllabus development and review
•    Module design
•    Development of tutor materials in a wide variety of text, graphics, and web-based formats
•    Development of student materials, including course notes, books, revision notes and web resources
•    Preparation, Quality Assurance, and marking of examination papers
•    Maintenance and refresh of all training materials
•    Web based tutor and student support, including mailing lists and discussion forums

Galatea has a strong track record in the timely distribution of both electronic and conventional paper based training materials to local outlets, such as schools and colleges, world-wide. You decide when and where materials need to be delivered; we make it happen. Where the training materials are destined for your customers, it may be appropriate for them to place orders directly with us; this can also be arranged. We can work with you to reduce or eliminate the need to keep central or local stocks of paper-based materials while ensuring that they are produced and delivered on time and to your requirements.

We offer you the prospect of outsourcing the entire training materials process, allowing you to concentrate on the core activity of marketing and brand development. In these cases, Galatea acts as an 'invisible' partner, managing the materials development and production activity without being visible to your customers. We fully understand the importance of the relationship between you and your customers, and where the ownership of that relationship lies.

If you would like to find out more about how Galatea can help in the development and maintenance of your training offerings, then e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it