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Established in 1998, Galatea has established a reputation for delivering high quality products and services to professional bodies, training providers and multinational businesses. Galatea delivers value to its customers through a number of mechanisms:

  • The main part of Galatea’s business is publishing. Galatea has a strong track record in the authoring and publication of textbooks, guidelines, case studies, in-house magazines and online resources. We work with you to undertake as much or as little of the production cycle as is appropriate and use recognised authors to produce authoritative material.
  • Galatea has significant experience in training material development, production and distribution. Galatea can take responsibility for the entire life cycle of training materials, including courseware, revision aids, examination papers, delivered either electronically or through a traditional paper-based medium.
  • Another Galatea specialisation is the deployment of a number of specifically developed tools and techniques to enable experiential learning at an organisational level – analysing what has gone wrong (and what has gone right!) in past projects, extracting the lessons, and recommending process improvement to prevent mistakes from being repeated and recreating success.

All these streams share one critically important feature. They are all people-based activities, which we believe must be delivered by high quality people to meet the expectations of the world-class businesses that are our clients. This is what Galatea is all about. We have built an unrivalled network of writers, consultants and subject specialists each of whom are recognised experts in their field and have a track record in the effective communication of complex ideas with clients and their customers. We know how to organise our network to deliver quality content, publications, materials and guidance on time and at a cost that allows you to concentrate on the primary activities in your own specialist area.