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The DSDM Atern Student Workbook (2010) - A guide to the definitive Agile framework

dsdmthumb.gifThe authors, Dorothy and Ian Tudor of TCC, have created a new version of the ‘DSDM Student Workbook’ (2002) to reflect the continuing development of the approach.  This 2010 edition focuses on the very latest thinking in DSDM.
Endorsed by the DSDM Consortium, the new ‘DSDM Atern Student Workbook’ provides a comprehensive guide to the Atern method, in an accessible format, ideal for those wishing to learn about the approach and how to maximise the benefits of its application. 
With the recent and rapid rise in interest in Agile approaches, many organisations are now moving towards agile project delivery as they begin to realise the benefits of this approach.  The DSDM Atern Student Workbook details a clear plan of action for introducing DSDM Atern into an organisation.
This workbook takes the reader through the main elements of DSDM Atern, from the overall principles and framework through to the project management and people-related issues including the roles, skills, responsibilities, and levels of authority for all project personnel.  The book also explains in a clear way, the important techniques of MoSCoW prioritisation, timeboxing, prototyping, workshops, and modelling as used within DSDM Atern.
For students, the inclusion of Foundation questions on each area will provide useful revision material.

1. Approach and Principles
2. Modelling
3. Roles, Skills and Team Structures
4. Lifecycle and Products
5. Project Management Considerations
6. Facilitated Workshops
7. Requirements Definition and Prioritisation
8. Iterative Development and Prototyping
9. Estimating and Timeboxing
Appendix A: Presentation and Negotiation Skills
Appendix B: Introducing DSDM Atern into an Organisation
Appendix C: DSDM Atern Glossary
Appendix D: Recommended Reading

The DSDM Atern Student Workbook is priced at £24.95 per copy, plus £3.00 postage and packing.

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"As Chairman of the DSDM Consortium I am thrilled to be able to introduce the Student Workbook for DSDM Atern.  It complements well the Atern Manual and the various pocketbooks available and will prove a great help to those wishing to understand the DSDM Atern framework".
Steve Messenger – Chairman (DSDM Consortium)

DSDM Atern Training Pack

The DSDM Atern Student Workbook has been developed in conjunction with tutor-led courseware intended for use in an academic environment.

The full DSDM Atern Training Pack comprises:

• A fully developed three day course with supporting tutor-led courseware
• A case study and accompanying exercises to run alongside the course
• A copy of the DSDM Atern Student Workbook covering all aspects of the course
• A lecturer guide providing support for the actual running of the course


A site licence is available for the DSDM Atern Training Pack This entitles you to unlimited usage of the electronic materials contained within the Pack throughout your college. The cost of a perpetual licence is just £295.00.
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