Learning From Experience
 InfomationKnowledge Wisdom 
Information is what raw data becomes when it is assembled into a meaningful order. Technology development has equipped society to achieve this in ways never before possible, and continues to do so. Keeping up to date with current Information Technology is vital for us to maintain the ability to compete in the global economy.


 But information without application is useless. Knowledge allows us to deploy technology in the real world environment – understanding how to use it to achieve business objectives. We need skill in choosing and using methods, tools and processes in order to deliver against user needs.


  And the hardest bit is having the Wisdom to understand what these needs really are. Wisdom doesn’t come from manuals and textbooks – it is the sum total of the experience and vision of the people across the entire organisation. Wisdom is intangible and invisible, just like the air we breathe – but without it we cannot survive.



Information is the raw material – Knowledge is the set of instructions  describing how to put that raw material together – but it is only Wisdom that can decide what we need to build.

Through a variety of delivery mechanisms – publications, tools, training and consultancy - Galatea can offer comprehensive advice and guidance on the technology itself; the analysis, design and development methods that can apply it; and the most effective ways in which the wisdom and experience of the whole organisation can be shared and combined in order to create creative and accurate answers to tomorrows questions.